Isn’t Maths is Fun?

We are learning Maths as a subject since we have started our student life in schools. But it’s not like we haven’t applied maths logics before we started learning it. Surely, you haven’t missed the calculations on the number of chocolates which were approved to be given to you by your parents or loved one. You did know how many chocolates were given to you. So it proves that you are good at Maths since you were small. Also, you must have played with a lot of toys which had different figures and shapes like a ball, cubes or triangle shaped pyramids. Ever imagined, when you will grow up, you have to study about these shapes and sizes, like to find the area of triangle or volume of cubes etc., no right? But it was fun when you were playing with those toys.

Maths is actually a fun subject if its concepts and principles are understood. Maths consists of numbers, formulas, methods and techniques. Some apply their own techniques to learn Maths and some use the old classic ways. But its all up to you, in which way you feel comfortable. There are no defined techniques to become an expert in Maths. All you have to do is understand the logic and techniques.

Say, if you are learning about the topic, number systems. You must have gone through various types of numbers like natural and whole numbers, prime and composite numbers, even and odd numbers, integers etc. If you understand the logic, how these numbers are defined, then it would be easy for you to justify the difference between them. Like natural numbers starts at 1 and ends at infinity whereas whole numbers start at 0 and ends at infinity, so we can say whole numbers also consists of natural numbers.

Nowadays, you have the option to learn with the help of visuals or educational videos through apps in tablets, smartphones etc. It has also become an interesting source to learn and understand quickly. Of course, when you ‘see’ something interesting it gets captured in your mind much sooner than when you ‘read’ about it. Always try to reach different and playful aspects of learning, which makes your studies happier and non-boring.

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