With many states coming up with legislation concerning the efficient use of energy in homes and a lot of financial incentives being directed toward the energy sector, it is becoming more appealing than ever to pursue a career in the energy efficiency industry. New homes are now being constructed in such a way as to guarantee maximum efficiency in energy use. There is indeed no better time to become a certified home energy auditor, and with RESNET HERS Rater certification, you can also become a certified HERS Rater

What is HERS?

HERS is an acronym for Home Energy Rating System, and it is the standard for measuring the efficiency of home energy. It is also a nationally recognized system for testing, inspecting and calculating a home’s energy performance. Thus to become a certified home energy auditor, you must first have RESNET HERS Rater certification.

How to Become a Certified HERS Rater

RESNET, which stands for Residential Energy Service Network, is a body whose standards are officially recognized by the federal government for verification of building energy performance. They offer what is approximately a 40-hour training course to all who aspire to become a certified HERS energy home auditor.

To become a certified RESNET HERS RATER, the participant must have successfully;

  1. Undertaken the RESNET HERS Rater Certification Training which can be found online by any of the accredited rater training providers.
  2. Passed the National Rater Core Exam which is a 50 question exam divided into multiple choice questions and true and false questions. It runs for 2 hours and is extremely intensive.
  3. Passed the RESNET Practical Simulation Exam which is a 3D interactive session that tests the candidate’s field knowledge.
  4. Passed the National Rater Combustion Safety Written Exam which is a 25 question multiple choice exam that tests the candidate’s ability to conduct combustion safety testing.
  5. Passed the National Rater Combustion Safety Simulation Exam which is another 3D interactive session.
  6. Completed 2 out of the five compulsory ratings that all applicants must complete within 12 months of passing the National Rater Core Exam. The first 2 which are probational ratings are carried out on building plans.
  7. Chosen a RESNET Quality Assurance Provider. These are the ones that will finally provide you with the certification needed to be a Professional HERS home energy auditor. Your chosen Quality Assurance Provider will be there to supervise you as you take on the remaining 3 probationary rating you are meant to complete. They reserve the right to withhold the certification if they are not satisfied with your performance. They are also continually responsible for your actions as you go into the field. So basically, they are your link to RESNET itself.

It doesn’t end there though as the energy industry continues to experience changes every so often. Thus, RESNET requires that Certified HERS Raters complete a total of 18 hours of RESNET-approved Professional Development credits every 3 years so that they are always in the loop of things.

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